About Kiama

It makes sense to make Kiama your destination

Kiama’s friendly, coastal vibe is famous for giving visitors a feeling of “getting away from it all” without actually needing to travel too far at all. It’s this, combined with the breathtaking natural beauty and large range of local services and providers, that makes it a desirable event destination all year round.


The Best of Both Worlds

Ever since the first tourists arrived by train from Sydney in the late 1890s, people have been returning to Kiama for a relaxed holiday by the sea.

Today, in a far busier world, it remains a place to unwind and discover natural delights – from our world-class sandy beaches and surf breaks to rolling dairy farms, vineyards and lush rainforests.

There are plenty of adrenaline-packed highlights too, including Australia’s highest eco-zipline tour and NSW’s favourite water theme park. And that’s the thing – with Kiama you get the best of both worlds.

Your Ideal Holiday Destination

A thriving café and local dining scene, markets, boutique shopping and other modern amenities alongside stunning natural vistas, ancient waterfalls, blowholes and a coastline to rival anywhere in the world.

Promising an unspoilt and unforgettable experience, the question shouldn’t be “why Kiama?” but rather “why not?” …