The South Coast Writers Centre and Kiama Council present the first 2021 event in the SCWC Poetry by the Sea program.

Mic Check 1, 2, 3:More Performing What You Write is a workshop on spoken word with poet Isabella Luna, and will be followed by a free Open Reading featuring Isabella Luna and MC’d by Enough Said Poetry Slam host Adara Enthaler. Please register for the Open Reading to attend, and indicate in the booking process if you would like to do a reading of your work.

Mic Check 1, 2, 3: Performing What You Write with Isabella Luna

What is spoken word or performance poetry? How is it different from poetry in books or page poetry? How do I do it?
Spoken word poetry is poetry that is read or performed aloud. It is not altogether different from poetry in books, however, there are a few techniques that can help shift a poem from the page to the stage. There is no one definitive way to write spoken word (how boring it would be if there was!) but there are some tools and tricks that can help get you started. Over the course of this workshop, participants will engage in various writing exercises and performance techniques in order to create and perform a spoken word poem.

Over the two and a half hours, we will follow three steps:

1. Writing a Poem; or, Oh No Where Do I Begin?!

2. Editing and Workshopping Said Poem; or, Wait It Isn’t Perfect the First Time?!

3. Performing Your Poem; or, *GULP* Getting Brave!

This workshop is for emerging artists or those with an interest but little experience in spoken word poetry, or those keen to just pop along and write some spoken word poetry. All ages welcome.

Open Reading with Isabella Luna and Adara Enthaler from 1pm-2.30pm

Following the workshop there will be an open mic reading session featuring Isabella Luna and MC’d by Enough Said Poetry Slam host Adara Enthaler. Workshop participants are encouraged to join the open reading and share what they learned, however poetry lovers are also invited to attend and watch (registrations required).